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Internship Program


We welcome undergraduate and graduate students eager to learn, discover, and develop entrepreneurial skillsets. We are seeking individuals who are currently in the following programs: Life Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Design, and Business. We strongly encourage students from underrepresented groups to apply.


  • Weekly educational workshops, curriculum listed below
  • Hands on experience: life science laboratory work, electronic assembly, and 3D design & prototyping
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities with industry professionals

During the 10 weeks, students will be educated on the following topics:

Week 1:

Problems and Value Proposition

Week 2:

Ideation and Design

Week 3:

Prototype and Iterate

Week 4:

Marketing Product and Idea

Week 5:

Basics of Starting a Business

Week 6:

Professional Development

Week 7:

Guide to a Biotech/Medtech Startup

Week 8:

Entrepreneruial Journey

Week 9:

Dash to the Finish Line

Week 10:

Pitch Day and Reception