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Learn more about the individuals that are leading our professional workshops.

Dr. Richard Lin

Richard Lin is the founder of Explora BioLabs, a leading biotech facility-as-a-service company. Richard currently serves as an investor and co-fund manager at San Diego Angel Conference (SDAC), as well as being a member on several emerging companies, including BioXceed, VisiCell and PhenoVista, just to name a few.
Keynote- "From Molecular Genetics to Ritz-Carlton for Mice"
06/17/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Tri Le

Tri is the President of Microtek and holds an engineering degree from Harvey Mudd College, and an Executive MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management specializing in Entrepreneurship. His extensive experience and expertise brings him to over 20 years of experience in science and technology development, system engineering, and product design for the electronics industry.
From Product Conception to Manufacturing
06/20/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person
In Tri's talk, participants will learn what DFM is, the difference between DFM & DFA, what the general steps are for DFM, what electronic manufacturing is, and what role this plays in regard to medical devices.

Phuoc Le

Phuoc attained his B.S. and M.S. from the University of Kansas. Since then, he's had 20 years of experience in private industries, Raytheon, Boeing and Airbus where he had involvement in design and stress analysis. Additionally, he has 6 years of experience with the government in regard to the Federal Aviation Administration
Project Management
06/21/2022 | 1:30PM | Dialpad
In this session, participants will have an overview of design for manufacturing, learn about good and bad designs, as well as learn about communications.

Joel Gordon

Joel was Co-founder and Executive Director of Arkansas first Makerspace, The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. He later founded Steam Rocket Engine LLC and assisted in product development and prototyping for entrepreneurs, and he has a hand in six patented devices. Joel is currently the Senior Solutions Specialist for MatterHackers, the largest 3D printing solutions provider in the United States.​
Rapid Prototyping for Product Development
06/23/2022 | 1:30PM | Dialpad
In this session, participants will have an overview of product development and prototyping as well as learn about Joel's successes and failures.

Josh Brake

Josh received a Ph.D and M.S. in electrical Engineering from Caltech and a B.S. and M.S. in engineering from LeTourneau University. Today he teaches several courses as an Assistant Professor of Engineering and runs a Biophotonics Laboratory at Harvey Mudd College.
Electronic Design: The Processes and Tools for Building Electrical Systems
06/24/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person
Participants of Josh's talk will learn what electronic concepts every engineer should know, as well as the design steps involved in electronic systems.

Carisa Schow

Carisa Schow holds a BS from the University of Washington and an MBA from Seattle University. For over 20 years, she has been a noteworthy marketing leader in several verticals, such as Healthcare, Life Science, High Tech and Professional/Consulting Services.
Marketing 101: What is Marketing?
06/28/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad
Marketing revolves around five things: product, price, promotion, place, and people. These are the concepts everything else revolves around, and they're principles that never change. Learn about the fundamentals of marketing and what you need to get started on your marketing journey
Pitch Deck Insights
06/30/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad
Often overlooked but one of the most important elements of fundraising, the pitch deck can change the trajectory of your company’s growth journey. The pitch deck is a key component when fundraising and growing your company that sets the path, the evolution your startup will take. Learn about the key elements and how to create an impactful pitch deck.

Arlene Nededog

Arlene Nededog, Director of Inclusion at the College of Natural Science, received her M.Ed. degree in 1983 and bachelor’s in 1979 from Colorado State University. Currently, she is the Director of Inclusion in the College of Natural Sciences, working with the college to develop and guide a comprehensive strategy for retention, diversity, and inclusion for the college.
Networking and Diversity Towards Entrepreneurship
07/05/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad
Learn and identify at least five strategies for effective networking through diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice commitment and experience. Participants will able to articulate the three reasons why diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice is important in becoming an entrepreneur.

Maureen Orey

Dr. Maureen Orey has worked with many high tech and manufacturing corporations, universities, and government agencies. She is also a Certified Professional in Talen Development (CPTD), and her degrees are in Organizational Leadership, Education and Psychology.
Leadership, Communication, Team Building Skills
07/07/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person
So you want to be a leader!  Do you have what it takes to lead people?  Effective leadership means that you lead through people by knowing your role, building your capacity for effective communication, and growing a strong team that utilized the human capital of the organization.

Justin Renfro

Justin is the Director of Partnerships Wefunder, an investment platform helping entrepreneurs raise capital.  Wefunder has a global audience of investors and making it easier and faster for startups to raise capital.
8 Traits of Founders, 8 Reasons to Raise Community Money
07/12/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person
The 8 Traits in the Best Founders are hustle, confidence & conviction, resilience, storytelling, traction, action, positivity, and accountability. The 8 Reasons to Consider Community Funding are for branding, engagement, marketing, "a catch all", legal, new investors, control, and prestige. Join Justin's talk to learn more!

Monica Alfisi

Monica Alfisi studied biomedical science at La Sierra University and business management at RCC. In 2016, she became a Business Performance Advisor for Insperity, a Professional Employer Organization called Insperity. Today, she continues to work with small business owners in her community by providing cost containment, medical benefits, and administrative functions, just to name a few.
Business Development and Business Performance
07/14/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Teela C. Smith

Teela's practice is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build, grow, and protect their start-ups and small businesses.  She provides a wide range of counseling and transactional services, including business formation, contract drafting and negotiation, funding and financing, and employment matters.  
Startup Business: Entity Formation and More
07/19/2022 | 1:00PM | In Person
Teela C. Smith will present on the topic of business entity formation for startups, as well as discuss common startup concerns such as hiring employees, appointing advisors, entering into commercial contracts, and more!

Lindsey S. Mignano

Lindsey attended Stanford University (B.A., 2007) and University of California, Hastings College of the Law (J.D., 2010). She currently sits on Barristers Board of Directors for the Bar Association of San Francisco as the Board President, on the Board of Directors for Stanford Alumni Association’s Women’s Impact Network, on the Board of Directors for Mini Cat Town, Inc., and serves as a Sustainer in the Junior League of San Francisco, Inc.​
State of the Industry Report: Venture Financing for Early Stage Startups in 2022
07/21/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad
Early stage founders face a number of questions at the beginning of the startup journey.  For example, how should founders approach angel or venture financing?  Lindsey S. Mignano will discuss the current industry stats in terms of venture capital deployment in the early stage arena, note versus priced raise rounds, areas of caution, and current market trends, as well as how early stage founders can fundraise from angels and venture capital firms in 2022.

Jóna Mays

Jóna N. Mays is an associate at Troutman Pepper in the firm’s Intellectual Property group. Her practice focuses on helping clients leverage their intellectual property rights to maximize their brand recognition in the marketplace and to protect their ideas and creativity.
Trademarks & Copyrights
07/26/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad
During Jóna's talk, she will be discussing choosing trademarks, the trademark registration process and protecting your brand. She will also educate on the rights provided by copyrights and the proper ownership of copyrights and what that entails.

Brandon Reed

Brandon is an associate in Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, focusing his practice specifically in the field of procuring and protecting patents for his clients. He has experience counseling an array of clients, from multinational corporations looking to expand their patent portfolio in the U.S. and abroad, to startups aiming to file their first patent application.
07/28/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad
During his talk, Brandon will go over the rights provided by patents as well as rights not provided by patents. He will also educate on the patent drafting and prosecution process and also filing strategies and real world considerations.

Lauren Rowley

Lauren is an investor and community advocate focused on social justice, sustainability, and shared prosperity within the innovation economy. She is the Chief Investment Officer of Stella and serves on the board of Village Up. She brings deep experience in impact measurement after spending ten years working in business development and operations in public health, education, and economic justice.
Angel & VC Funding, Support & Equality for Women Founders
08/01/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Danielle Brown

Dr. Brown is currently general manager of the Charles River Laboratories site in Reno, NV. In addition, she is a veterinary pathologist by training, receiving her DVM degree from North Carolina State University, and is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and American Board of Toxicology. She has worked in the preclinical drug development business since 2009.
Drug Development Process and Pre-Clinical CROs
08/04/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Eliot Dratch

Eliot Dratch is a Senior Consultant, specializing in operational improvements for industrial manufacturers. He applies 25 years of medical, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing experience to value to an organizations P&L. Over the last decade, Eliot has trained and coached hundreds of employees from scores of manufacturing companies and is a co-author of the ASQ certified Manager Handbook, which is currently sued throughout colleges in the United States
Quality Practices for Medical Device and Biomedical R&D Companies
08/15/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Lauren Grattan

Co Founder & Chief Community Officer | Mission Driven Finance
Entrepreneurial Journey Panel Speaker
08/09/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad

Ricardo Solano

COO | Eutheria Biosciences
Entrepreneurial Journey Panel Speaker
08/09/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Brenard Ablola

Director of Marketing | eXp Realty
Entrepreneurial Journey Panel Speaker
08/11/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Tri Le

President | Microtek
Entrepreneurial Journey Panel Speaker
08/11/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Rainer Flor

Head of Product & Design | PhotoDay
Entrepreneurial Journey Panel Speaker
08/11/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Ahmed Zobi

CEO | Syntr Health Technologies
Entrepreneurial Journey Panel Speaker
08/11/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person

Dionne Batiste

Founder | Imagine Hair Studio
Entrepreneurial Journey Panel Speaker
08/11/2022 | 1:00PM | Dialpad & In Person