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Aquillius Incubator

Aquillius is a life-science and medtech incubator that helps companies rapidly develop, test, prototype, and manufacture new technologies.

Aquillius building

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We are expanding into a 25,000 ft² facility. The expanded space will consist of private lab suites, shared lab space, prototyping lab, shared lab equipment, office space, conference rooms, and computer lab with 3D designing software.

Phase 1 expansioN (Completed)

Private office suites, cubicles, and desks are available for leasing.

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Phase 2 expansioN (ongoing)

Limited number of lab benches in shared area are available for leasing. Estimated buildout completion end of Q4 2022.

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Phase 3 expansioN (ongoing)

Private lab suites are available for prelease. Contact us for the opportunity to customize your private lab suite.

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