Aquillius Pitch Competition

Scoring Guide: 1-Poor 5-Average 10-Excellent

Market Opportunity [20%]

Clear problem statement and value proposition(s)

Identified and rationalized customer segment(s)

Weighted Score:

Product/Solution [20%]

Clearly articulates the story of how the product solves the problem

Stage of product development

Weighted Score:

Competitive Advantage [10%]

Unique & sustainable competitive advantage (e.g., patents/IP, technology, trade secret, innovative business model, unique capability, etc.)

Weighted Score:

Scalability [10%]

Potential to take significant market share, disrupt, or create a brand new market and grow rapidly

Weighted Score:

Financial Understanding [10%]

Knowledge of costs/expenses, revenue model, pro forma

Clear plan for use of funds

Weighted Score:

Team [10%]

Leadership and management team in place

Clear understanding of activities, resources, and partners required to achieve success

Weighted Score:

Investment Potential [10%]

Validation of business model assumptions

Clear pathway towards a return on investment (e.g. scaling revenue share, acqusition, IPO, etc.)

Weighted Score:

Presentation Quality [10%]

Logic & clarity

Use of visuals

Verbal delivery

Weighted Score:

Total Score:

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