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The smart, safe, and efficient way to treat your bees

(1st Place)

Temple Hive

Bees are dying from varroa mites, a parasitic mite, that attacks honey bees and causes colony collapse. Team Aztec came up with the Temple Hive - the smart, safe and efficient way to treat your bees. The hive kills varroa mites without harming the bees and the beekeepers.

Team Aztec

Kim Lim
Computer  Science and Chemistry
San Diego Miramar College
Devon  Overbey
Harvey Mudd College
Jorge  Villanueva
Cell and  Molecular Bio
San  Diego State University

Repurposing food waste for future generations


100 Billion pounds of food is wasted each year. $408 Billion dollars is lost. 40% of waste in landfill is compostable. Terra is a smart device that naturally recycles organic matter into "black gold" compost.

Team Hydra

Aidan Nettekoven
Harvey  Mudd College
Brigitte Kier
Jessica Roessling
San  Diego Miramar College

Providing a holistic approach to chronic pain management

The Coordinate

Back pain is a global burden, affecting 570 million people worldwide. As an alternative to painkillers, the coordinate utilizes reflexology to help manage pain.

Team Scatterplot

Gabriel  Simpson
Mira  Costa College
Henry Morray
Cornell  College
Ky Le
Computer  Science
University  of Kansas

Put a stop to your slouch


Technological use has increased slouching. This leads to unwanted strain to the back, tightness in the neck, excessive load to vertebral discs, and incorrect spinal curvature, thus leading to back pain.

Team Acai

Neyven  Garal
Purdue  University
Kazandra  Pedroza
Exercise  physiology and nutritional science
San  Diego State University
Jeremy  Kim
Harvey  Mudd College

Quality care on the go


Mental health patients struggle finding the right therapist, and being able to know and remember what to communicate with the therapist. Patients prefer express themselves in many ways, but current tools that we use don’t allow them to truly do that.  Yves is an app that promotes symptom monitoring and communiticaiton.

Team Ajax

Natalia  Trinh
San  Diego Mesa College
Benny La
Mechanical  Engineering
San  Diego Miramar College
Rodrigo Cuesta
Engineering  for Industrial Technologies and Business
University  of San Diego

Aquillius SEED's Fiscal Sponsor

Aquillius Corporation is a Delaware corporation operating through a fiscal sponsorship with Players Philanthropy Fund, a Maryland charitable trust recognized by IRS as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178). Contributions to Aquillius Corporation qualify as tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


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